Energy Flow 007


Saturday 2nd March 2024, 9pm-4am


25D Floodgate St, Deritend, Birmingham, B5 5SL


ENERGY FLOW is a transference and intermingling party of shared deep grooves and en-tranced bass. Between bodies – between djs and dancers. Playing a late night drawl – a lateral drawl – a late night libidinal drawl of deep, house n disco cuts, acid trance and bass. We want you to leave with more energy than you arrived with. High-fi low lifes.


  • This is a cosmic dance party held under the slow trickle of the oil projector and rhythmic beats set down by our DJ’s.
  • This party takes place in Pan Pan, Digbeth, Birmingham UK.
  • We’ll be featuring a beautiful audiophile soundsystem – Klipsch, Celestion, Quad. A real treat.
  • Expect psychedelic deep grooves, beautiful voices, house n disco cuts, entranced acid and bass from around this pale blue dot.

We are putting on a party etc… David Mancuso, queer shit, 1312/union, get up and get down, birmingham forever, no more war, free palestine

Accessibility Info

  • The venue is 15 minutes walk (0.7 miles) from New Street Station.
  • The venue is 13 minutes walk (0.6 miles) away from Moor Street station.
  • The venue is roughly 5 minutes walk (0.2 miles) away from Digbeth High Street.
  • The venue is 8 minutes walk (0.4 miles) away from Minerva Works.
  • Pan-Pan is not a fully wheelchair accessible venue but there is step free access and a larger than typical toilet.
  • Taxis can pull up close to the venue on Floodgate Street – Pan Pan is along a short alley off the main road.
  • Please don’t attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. Take a lateral flow test before attending if you can. It is vital we try and protect each other in solidarity with those that are vulnerable to COVID-19.
  • There will be loud music (around 95db SPL, though some peaks may be slightly higher). We will attempt to keep sounds within safe limits and there is a significantly quieter space outside. Free ear plugs will be available.
  • The dancefloor will be low lit, we will not be using flashing lights or lasers.
  • There will be a quieter chill out space with seating area outside the front of the venue if you need a break.
  • There is a single stall gender neutral toilet with a mirror.
  • There’s a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (including tea and coffee) and snacks. Tap water will always be free.
  • There will be a range of seating available including sofas, arm chairs, stools and high backed chairs.

Code of Conduct

  • This is an 18+ event.
  • Please be kind and considerate to other party people.
  • Unwanted sexual attention will not be tolerated.
  • Respect consent and boundaries.
  • Respect other’s identities. Don’t assume.
  • There will be queer friendly security staff on the door.
  • Any problems, speak to Pan-Pan staff behind the bar, door staff or one of the DJ’s or event organisers.
  • Please refrain from using your phones on the dancefloor. Be in the moment.
  • Ask someone’s permission before taking their photo.

How much have you got

All entry donations go towards paying the DJs and security. Tickets on the door – pay what you can – suggested entry fee £7. Support your local music counterculture.

Guest Superstars

Q Sermon – she/her

Pink light cast on to Q Sermon DJing and Rochae playing percussion.

Q Sermon is multi-genre DJ playing deep basslines and soulful sounds. With musical influences ranging from Afro-beat, High-life, Jazz, and soul – the breadth of these sounds are captured within Q’s mixing style. The invitation to flow and release energy is made alongside @ro_chaaee (she/her) who will be joining Q with some live drumming, which never fails to raise the vibrations in the room.


Dee’Cleo (Energy Flow/Selextorhood) – she / her

A grainy photo pf Dee Cleo looking at the camera. She is wearing big white trousers, an orange Selextorhood t-shirt, Nike trainers and big silver earrings.

Dee’Cleo’s musical ear is finely tuned to appreciate and mirror sounds, melodies and beats, influenced from an array of eras, cultures and genres. Dee’Cleo loves the vibration from Worldwide FM DJs, this reflects in her underground collection from all over the globe.

Emerging onto the scene back in 2015, playing at local gigs in her hometown Birmingham, she has since been building on her repertoire. Supporting the likes of Oscar Jerome, Yabba funk, Moses Boyd and Eclair Fifi with Selextorhood and Leftfoot events.

DJ Superstar DJ (Energy Flow/Selextorhood) – they / she

Lai standing in a tiled stairwell looking fab wearing a black and white dress and a red stone necklace.

DJ Superstar DJ Lai Power hails from the motor city of Birmingham, UK. Uploading echoes of interstellar dancefloors into your cyberbrain. Future sounds from the ninth dimension to deep disco from the misty past. All musical powers to the people. Proletariat dance music. Guaranteed to make you dance.