Discreet Power

Made for a socially distanced micro rave in a local park. It rained at all the right moments. I felt like my feet weren’t touching the flaw. Flying without wings. Intoxicated without any substances. Pure musical euphoria.


Dj forgets (Live from Taiwanese state quarantine) >>>

nthng ~ With You
Eris Drew ~ Transcendental access point
Kuniyuki Takahashi ~ One Round (original mix)
Martin Green, James holden ~ The portal
off the meds ~ Karlaplan remix
Akasha Soundsystem ~ Sunken Relics (boulder head construct)
Flextone ~ Future Housing
DJ Plead ~ Going For It
Karim Sahroui ~ Nightflow
Matisa ~ Garbadine
Polito ~ Sublunary
Julianna Barwick ~ Inspirit

sexy roy (51:20) >>>>

Sophia Loizou ~ Celestial Web
Computer Data ~ Ego
Hot Lizard ~ 165… Drop
Welfare ~ Annica
Overmono ~ Le Tigre
Maria Amor ~ Catastrofica (Forgot My Meds Mix)
Perko ~ Stutter
Omin Trio ~ Mainline (95 Lick)
Blink ~ Stray
Tim Reaper ~ (I Can) Feel It
Aisha Devi ~ I’m Not Always Where My Body Is
Laksa ~ Yogi’s Choice
Forest Drive West ~ Prism

Lai Power (1:29:10) >>>>

Lai Power ~ Brora (demo)
Lai Power ~ ISO (demo)
Aphex Twin ~ Polynomial-C
RMB ~ Love Is An Ocean (Stephenson Rmx)
Laurent Garnier ~ Wake Up
Traumprinz ~ All The Things
The House Crew ~ Euphoria (Nino’s Dream)
Massive Attack ~ Three
Jungle Wonz ~ Time Marches On (Cloud Mix)